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Amortentia, a Scorpius / Rose comic : page VI / VI

Yes ! I did it, it’s finally done ! I hope you guys are happy because I most certainly am :)


i love when dogs sigh. its like, hey bud, long day at the office?


  • "YouTube’s Big Plan to Turn Its Stars Into Real Celebrities (And Why It’s A Good Thing)" (Wired)
  • "A Soccer Star’s Transition From the Pitch to YouTube" (Mashable)
  • "Welcome to the Inaugural VI Power-Sixer: Who Are the Best Executives in the Online Video Space?" (thevideoink)
  • "German…
In my mind I am eloquent; I can climb intricate scaffolds of words to reach the highest cathedral ceilings and paint my thoughts. But when I open my mouth, everything collapses.
Isaac Marion, Warm Bodies (via abagofbooks)

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Remember how Teen Titans had a lesson about Racism without blatantly bringing Cyborg’s Race into it?


have you ever just worn something so often that youre like “if i was an anime character, this would be it”